Packed Up and Back to University

My two children left this morning to catch the boat to Scotland.
Aaron was the first of our children to go to university in Scotland.
Brendan and I had a friend who lived in Dundeimagee.
We had visited him a couple of times so I think we suggested Aaron apply to university there.
I was busy at home with other children so Brendan and I sent Aaron off with our blessing.
He headed off with one piece of luggage, a rucksack.
He travelled by bus to the Larne ferry to Stranraer and made his way on up to Dundee.
I don’t think he had much money in his pocket to tide him over till his grant came in.
He left the security of home to make a way in the world.

I was reading today from the scripture in Psalm 15

“You show me the path of life,
The fullness of joy in your presence,
At your right hand is happiness for ever.”

Sixteen years on God has been faithful to show Aaron the path of life.
He has made his home in Slovakia with his wife and three children.
In the sixteen years since eight children have travelled across the water to university.
My husband and I have travelled with them to see them settled into their accomodation.
Two of my children Angela and Abraham set off early this morning to catch the ferry to Scotland.
They start back to university next week in their second and third years respectfully.
My son John is leaving them to the boat in the van.
No hauling heavy luggage onto a bus.
They were wondering how were they going to get all their luggage onto the bus or train at the other side.
I read them an article from the Sunday Times written by Roland White.
I quote,

It is fair to say I did not travel light.  There was a trunk, two suitcases, a rucksack, a sleeping bag and books.  I vividly recall the two mile track from the train station to my digs. First I carried the trunk 40 yards.  Then I came back for the cases. And the rucksack. Then I carried the trunk again.  And so on.  I arrived at my digs in late afternoon, sweating heavily.  There was nobody in.

They did not complain any more.
I just got a text to say they are on the boat, setting out on the next stage of the path of life.
I am not sad because my help comes from The Lord who shows me the Path of Life and I have faith that God will guide my children as well.

Quote from The Sunday Times, News Review,  Roland White

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