Thank You

Dear Readers,

A big Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  Through the fact you are reading this makes writing about my story worthwhile.

Liking a post or leaving a comment is a big bonus for me.  You give me encouragement to keep going.

I realize the spoken word has power.  Power to build up or tear down.  But the spoken word only gets to a limited amount of people.  With my children left home I have no one to share my musings.  My friends have already heard some of my stories.  The written word can reach many more people.  I hope my written words have power in them for hope and uplift for you, my readers.

Discovering WordPress was a day of new beginnings for me.   My son helped me get set up.  With the touch of the publish button my written words took wings and flew out to the nations.  I flourished with this new freedom.  Thank you WordPress for this opportunity.


You may have seen an old fashioned well with a handle on it.   We had one in our back yard.  To get water to flow some water has to be poured in at the top.  This is called priming the pump.  As I pump the handle water flows.

Getting started on WordPress was the primer for my well.  Words began to flow from deep within me.  There is a reserve within me that God is now releasing out from me.

A big thank to  you my readers.  Your interest draws the words out of my well.