Following by example; How I Started Breast Feeding


I had my first child when I was twenty. I did not live near family.  I was still a student.  I had to attend lectures.  In those days there was no crèche for students’ children.  Few students were having children then.  I bottle fed my new baby.
I finished university.  We shared a house with another couple who had a new born baby.  The mum was breast feeding.  Brid took her baby into bed beside her at night.  The baby was snug and cosy.  After feeding, her mum put her back in the cot.  She was sound asleep.
There was none of the gadgets then to make up lots of bottles and save them in the fridge.  Brid did not have to get up in the middle of the night in the cold and make a bottle of milk.  She did not lose much sleep.
I thought to myself if I have another child I would like to breast feed him.
I did so and went on to breastfeed each of the rest of my thirteen children.
Each of them I fed for up to a year.  I was blessed to be able to feed my children without any trouble.
My grandchildren have all been breast fed.
Often this is how we learn about faith.  If we see someone doing what they believe is possible then one can learn and step out to try for oneself.
A little child steps out to walk because he is encouraged by his parents.  He sees them walk so he can do it too.
He trusts his parents.
This is how I grew in faith in many areas.
I saw how others prayed to God.  I tried it and God heard and answered my prayers.
Our children heard us pray so our children found it easy to pray without fear.
I desire to be an example so others.  What God has done for me He can do for you.

4 thoughts on “Following by example; How I Started Breast Feeding

  1. Good post Angela. Just last night I was telling a friend how you and Brendan have been an inspiration to me especially concerning provision. How you have lived by faith for years, successfully raising 14. Your lives prove His faithfulness!

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  2. Nice twist there Angela into realms of faith again from the practical to faith in practice! Nicely put together! Well done! And well done on raising all those kids! Áine xoxo

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