Writing Challenge, Around My Block

Yesterday I decided I wanted to go for a cycle around the block.
That meant a visit to the cycle shop to get my bicycle tyres pumped up, a chain fixed and the purchase of a bicycle pump.
Not too much needed done after it’s wintering out in the shed.  My neighbour helped pump up my son’s bicycle’ tyres.
His bicycle is a different genere with thick frame and tyres.
While I was getting ready, the sky in the distance was very dark and I heard thunder.  I found out later that there were heavy thunder storms all around but it did not come our way.
We ventured out.  The block near where I live comprises farmland on three sides and the sea on the fourth.
I pass a few houses where families are resting before the week’s work ahead.
The locals that are enjoying the fresh air outdoors like us, are cows with their young, sheep with their lambs and seals reclining for the evening on the rocks, out of reach of harm.

Weeds on the roadside are bursting into flower, reaching out for their share of the sunshine.
Green ferns unfurl on the bank that is shaded.
This is the season when birds are rearing their young.
Swallows, blackbirds, doves, starlings, crows and  sparrows sing, swoop and feed.
There is an atmosphere of peace in the country.
All the noise of the radio, television, traffic, pubs and factories are far away.
It is healing for one’s mind.
Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46 v 10
Oh Lord, the earth is full of your unfailing love.  Psalm 119 v 64
This is where I live, in the Irish countryside.

2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge, Around My Block

  1. Hi Angela,
    Geraldine FRom Jackies group in Magherafelt here. Doing well. Been tough! Think of your great ministry often.
    Love Geraldine
    For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty before God

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