Child Healed from Hole in the Heart

Back in July 2021 I got a phone call from a Slovakia lady who is married to an Irish man and lives in Southern Ireland. She heard about my healing book Staying Alive translated in Slovakian. Her friend back home read it. This friend asked my daughter in law for my contact number.

The book Staying Alive tells of my journey to being healed from fourth stage cancer through faith in Jesus. I believe Jesus heals today. When Jesus was on earth He healed all diseases and cast out demons. He told his followers to do the same.

This lady asked me to pray for her son of fifteen months, who was born with a hole in his heart. He didn’t sleep well and suffered from fits.
She was weary and in distress. I prayed for her son over the phone that he would be healed in Jesus name. I promised to send her a copy of my book Staying Alive.

In my book she read about my daughters doing a twenty one day partial fast for me. She started a twenty one day fast for her son’s healing after reading my book.

Two months on I got a text from her. She took her son to an appointment with her doctor. He had recommended that her son would need an operation on his heart to repair it.

The doctor examined the child. To his surprise he saw that the hole in the child’s heart was gone and his heart was working normally. The mum and dad are overjoyed. Their child will not need an operation.

Here is a copy of her text,

Hi last Friday Patrick had check-up his heart and we have great news: a Hole in his heart is close and is working perfectly.Patrick dosn’t need a surgery.God is amazing and the best our FATHER!ALLELUJAThanks a million for your prayers and have a good day.

This is a testimony of the power of Jesus to heal today.

You can buy a copy of my book from or Type in Staying Alive Angela Mc Cauley. Also from Kindle.

2 thoughts on “Child Healed from Hole in the Heart

  1. That IS WONDERFUL NEWS Angela!!!Praise God!!! Let His fame go forth along the south coast & may His Kingdom come MORE & MORE  through YOUR prayers!!! And others’ too of course!!! Let this be known ALL OVER IRELAND, like Lorenzo Cubbedo’s sea rescue…remember him…our Best Man…had drifted from Ballybunion… up the coast of Clare…26 miles when the tide turned while he was windsurfing…  & the Lord rescued him…before Covid…& his story circulated the island. May God & His power be famous in Ireland again!!! Come Holy Spirit,  awaken your people to play their part in Your Kingdom!!! In Jesus name!!!!Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

    • Thank you Aine for your encouraging response.
      Praise God He has renewed our strength after Covid.
      Donal is arranging a weekend Gathering for us in Co Clare the first weekend in October.
      Also I’m speaking on Cork Christian radio about my two books.
      So your prayer is prophetic!!! Thank you!!!

      Sent from my iPhone

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