Family Friday. My Six Boys Get Their Hair Cut.

I was reading an article today in a magazine.  It’s title was “Self reliance tips that will save you money.”  Number 11 on the list was the following.
“Cut your family members’ hair yourself.  A quality set of clippers costs less than 50 dollars.”

This article jogged my memory.  Twenty years ago I had six young boys ranging from the age of ten to three.  I would take them to the barbers to get their hair cut.  I would usually go on a Saturday morning.  They were off school. The barbers waiting room would be filled with other mothers with their boys or workmen who only had Saturday off.

It didn’t take long for each child’s hair to be cut but I had to get six children seen to.  That would take about forty five minutes all together.  I had to keep the others quiet in a confined space for that time. They got impatient by the time the last one was finished.  They would take turns climbing on my knee.  One asked “Mummy when can we go home?”  “Mummy I’m hungry.”  “Mummy, I’ve to go to the toilet.”  ” Mummy he hit me.”  “Mummy I don’t  want my hair cut. I want to leave it the way it is.” By the time everyone had their hair cut, I was frazzled.

I let their hair grow as long as was reasonable till I would visit the barber again.  I thought of a way to avoid the stress of having to go to the barber again.  It wasn’t because of what it cost but it was to avoid the long wait.

I knew a lady who worked in a training centre, teaching young students hairdressing.  I took my boys there.  I watched closely how she did her job.  She used an electric hair cutter with graded combs.  Number one was for the sides and number three was for the top.  Then she trimmed the fringe with a pair of scissors.

I thought to myself “I will try cutting my children’s hair myself.”  I bought a set of hair clippers and a pair of hairdresser’s scissors.   I learned quickly to use the machine.  The boys didn’t mind me cutting their hair.  I think I did a good job.  They looked well with their neatly trimmed hair styles.  I said to my husband,  “Think of the money I am saving us by cutting our children’s hair.”

When it was time to return to school in September all my children looked fresh in their uniforms and their neatly trimmed hair.  I was proud of them.  They looked healthy with their tanned or fleckled skin after the outdoor life they enjoyed all summer.

I even trimmed my daughters’ hair.  They had long hair so it was a matter of cutting the hair when it was wet, in a straight line across the back. As the boys got older they helped cut each other’s hair with the clippers.  The girls wanted to try different styles so they went to the hairdressers.  I am thankful they didn’t change their hair colour by bleaching it!

I got confident enough in my hairdressing skills to offer to cut my husband’s hair.  He agreed.  Brendan was sitting down and I was about to start when a friend arrived.  He was as bald as a coot.  He said to my husband “If I had a head of hair like you I wouldn’t let anyone do an amateur job!”  Any idea of cutting my husband’s hair evaporated.

2 thoughts on “Family Friday. My Six Boys Get Their Hair Cut.

  1. Lovely piece Angela! You,write so realistically! I couldn’t help but smile imagining the Barber shop scenario. You must have SO many memories of all those years of children! Years that have flown by, no doubt. When will we see these memories in a compilation, between covers? I’m sure February in your new home & in its beautiful location must be a treat & you’re enjoying it. I’m praying you & Brendan come to us visit here someday!! God is GOOD ALL the time, til then! Áine xo

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