Testimony Tuesday. My Son was Healed of Septicaemia.

My children seldom missed a day off school.  Brendan and I  believed  God’s word in Exodus, I am The Lord who heals you.  None of the diseases of Egypt will affect you.  In the middle of winter my dad called me and asked how were my children.  I told them they were fine and getting on well at school.  He asked, “Do your  children not get the cold and flu in the winter time”.  I explained we believed God to keep our children healthy.  If they are happy and eat good food I believe their immune system can fight off infection.

When children return to school after holidays they often pick up an infection, a tummy upset, the flu or perhaps something more serious like the measles, or mumps.  If one’s child is infected the whole class can get it.  Some children miss school so often it affects their studies.

If one of our children did get something more serious then Brendan and I would pray for him and he would recover.   Healing is the children’s bread.

Our son John, when he was nine years old took a fever.  Normally if one of my children was not feeling well, I would give him drinks of honey and lemon and keep  him warm and resting.  That did the trick.  But John was not getting better after three days.  I called the doctor.  He was a newly qualified doctor and thankfully was able to discern something seriously was wrong with John.  He admitted him to hospital.  Tests were done and the doctor found out that John’s knee joints were inflamed and infected.  He had Septicaemia , a serious, life-threatening infection that gets worse very quickly.  He was put on a high dose of penicillin.  He was given the best of care.  He lay weak for some days.  We would visit with his brothers but he wasn’t able to respond.  Normally he was an active boy,  full of joy.

We didn’t like to see him so ill, but we didn’t panic.  We continued to pray for him.  He did recover fully.   The doctor told me later that without the penicillin treatment to curb the infection in his knees, my son could have died or have been left disabled.  We thanked God for the young doctor who diagnosed the condition and the care in the hospital.

The previous Christmas John’s friend got a computer game for Christmas.  We did not get our children any of the games and gadgets that were coming on the market.  We took our children for walks and encouraged them to play outdoor games and activities.   I noticed that John was spending a lot of time at his friend’s house.  He was playing the computer games.  He told me later that he would often feel dizzy after playing a game.

I believe that the activity on the computer affected John’s health.  Brendan and I learned a lesson.  We did not allow our children to have any computer games since then.


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