Facing my Own Mortality

I was invited to dinner last evening.  I was sitting beside a great grand father.  He is eighty years old.  His son who is fifty was there, his grand daughter who is twenty three, and his great grand daughter who is a month old.  I learnt that this gentleman’s wife’s mother is still alive at ninety seven!   It isn’t often that you meet a family with five generations still alive at the one time. I felt young beside this great grand father. I am only a grand mother.

I have only seen my grand parents in family photographs.  I have been busy with bringing life into the world for twenty years, that I did not give much thought to death.

It was God’s plan that man would live for ever.  God created man and woman and gave them free will and put them in charge of the garden of Eden.  He told them not to eat of a certain tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  They could eat of every other fruit.

What happens the devil enters the picture.  He tempts Eve to eat of the tree.  Adam eats it as well.  They disobeyed God and their disobedience brought death to them and mankind after them.

I read in Genesis how Adam and Eve lived nine hundred years.  Their descendants lived hundreds of years as well.  Abraham whom God chose to speak to lived till he was 129.
In the Psalms the word of God says we can live to three score and ten and longer if we have strength.

I never gave much thought to death.  These stories from the bible encouraged me not to be afraid of death.  In fact I read about Jesus who died at thirty three on the cross to defeat death, and if I believe in him I will have life here on earth and eternal life in heaven.  The fear of death is defeated by Jesus.  The devil is defeated by Jesus dying on the cross.  I don’t need to believe the devil’s lies.  In John 10 v 10  “Satan comes to rob steal and destroy but Jesus came to give us life and life abundantly.”

In 2010 I faced death. I knew I was mortal.  I had not the power to live. I was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer.  I had a malignant tumour which means it brings death.  The doctors can treat it but the result is death.

I now know the power of Jesus to defeat death because people prayed for me and Jesus healed me from cancer and I did not die.  I will die some day but I no longer am afraid of death.  I now want to live life to the full in the years I have left.  I am alive to tell others about the power of Jesus death on the Cross.  Satan’s power is defeated in Jesus name.

Call on the the name of Jesus.

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