Daily Prompt. The Heat is on. Despite the Pressure we got There.


I am normally an easy going person and seem to come into my own in with difficult situations.
Times that involve pressure usually happen to us when we are travelling.
Once my husband was going on a trip to Canada.  He asked me to drive him in my car because he was too pressured to drive.  
We stopped at the first garage on the way to put fuel in the car.  Brendan put the fuel in and went into the shop to pay for it.  When he came back he realised he had put petrol in instead of diesel.  His own car runs on petrol so he easily made a mistake.
What were we going to do?  We did not have time to get help.  I suggested we fill the tank up with diesel and I would drive as fast as I could to the airport.   There was no other alternative.  If the engine was destroyed we took the risk.  
We were nervous all the way to the airport.  But Praise God we got to the airport and my car was none the worse for the fuel mix.   Brendan was happy when he took his seat on that flight.
Another morning we were leaving our daughter to the airport.  She was going to work in Africa.  She was flying out of Belfast, to London and on to Uganda.  We were all relaxed about saying goodbye and wanted to make our daughter’s leaving as smooth as possible.  We did not voice our sadness at her leaving.
We set off on our journey.  My daughter checked the flight times and realised she had made a mistake.  Brendan put the foot down and went as fast as he could to the airport.  We quietly prayed and did not utter a word of fear.  Our sadness left.  Now we had to focus to get her away!
We helped my daughter with all her cases to the  check in desk.  It  was closing.  We pleaded with the attendant to check in her luggage.  He helped us.  We were so glad she did not miss her flight.  We waved her goodbye with joy, thankful to God we got there on time.  The pressure lifted.

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A Little Tender Loving Care

I needed to visit my hairdresser badly.  I had my left arm in a cast and could not drive so I was dependant on my son or husband taking me into town.  I had put off going but there comes a time when a girl knows she needs to visit the hairdresser.

I made the appointment and my son left me off. This was the first time I was in town since I broke my wrist. I looked at my left hand.  It had been pulled and bruised in order to set my bone in my wrist.  My thumb and four fingers were protruding just a few inches out of the cast.  I decided they needed a little tender loving care.  I made an appointment in a beauty saloon nearby to have a manicure.

When I visit Rosaleen, my hairdresser, I catch up on how her children are doing and how she is coping as a single mum with four teenage boys.  Very often she talks away, the scissors keep snipping and before we know I have a shorter haircut than I had planned. Does that happen to you?

I think hairdressers have an important job.  They are counsellors and comforters.  Very often they are the only people some pensioners meet in the week.  Getting one’s hair washed is soothing.  They know all the news in the community.  They tell you how well you look.  It is a lot cheaper going to Rosaleen than going to a therapist.

Rosaleen was one of the first people I told I had cancer.  She kept me looking beautiful through the weeks of my treatment and was always caring.  The saloon would be all abuzz when I came in and told them I was healed of cancer.  Rosaleen has read my book and passes it onto her customers.  I enjoyed my beauty treatment at the hairdressers, so on to my next stop the manicurist.

I had not told my husband I was going to have a manicure.  I thought everyone is okay at home and will get on with whatever they are doing while mum is down town,  the first in a long while.  I thought I would treat myself and get a little pampered after the trauma of suffering a broken wrist.

I was not taken immediately for my appointment.  My mobile phone kept making noises telling me it was out of battery, so I turned it off.

Eventually Michelle invited me to get my nails done.  She was soft spoken. She massaged my hands.  She applied the nail polish and chatted.  One hand had to dry under the heated box, while she finished the other hand.  I was put at ease and was very relaxed. I did not notice the time passing.  I thought Michele would be finished soon.  No, she started the whole process all over again.

Another assistant came in and offered to paint my toenails.  I had not time to refuse.  In my mind I thought time is going on.  Maybe this is taking too long.

Bronagh knelt down at my feet and proceeded to wipe them.  Whooa.  This has not happened to me before.  I continued to enjoy all this attention.  I could not get a quick get away now.

I had lost all tract of time.  Perhaps Brendan will be wondering where I am.  I checked my mobile phone when I was finished at the nail parlour.  Sure enough Brendan had been trying to get in touch.  I called him.  I had completely forgotten that we had to have our passport photos signed by an official in order to get them sent off in the post that day.  Brendan had tried to contact a few people who could have signed them but they were not available.  He could not get in touch with me either!  It was now five o’clock and the post went at five thirty.  The pressure was on.  Those passport applications had to be in the post that evening.  I said a quick prayer. Help Lord.

I suggested Brendan and I meet at the police station and an officer there could sign them.  We met there, got the photos signed and rushed to the post office before closing.  We made it.  I am so glad we did.  I did not let on to anyone I was in another world for an hour when all my cares had blown away.  I got a quick wakeup call back to reality.   I did not care if the nail varnish was all smudged.  I smiled to myself. Thank you Lord for getting to the post on time.