Daily Prompt. The Heat is on. Despite the Pressure we got There.


I am normally an easy going person and seem to come into my own in with difficult situations.
Times that involve pressure usually happen to us when we are travelling.
Once my husband was going on a trip to Canada.  He asked me to drive him in my car because he was too pressured to drive.  
We stopped at the first garage on the way to put fuel in the car.  Brendan put the fuel in and went into the shop to pay for it.  When he came back he realised he had put petrol in instead of diesel.  His own car runs on petrol so he easily made a mistake.
What were we going to do?  We did not have time to get help.  I suggested we fill the tank up with diesel and I would drive as fast as I could to the airport.   There was no other alternative.  If the engine was destroyed we took the risk.  
We were nervous all the way to the airport.  But Praise God we got to the airport and my car was none the worse for the fuel mix.   Brendan was happy when he took his seat on that flight.
Another morning we were leaving our daughter to the airport.  She was going to work in Africa.  She was flying out of Belfast, to London and on to Uganda.  We were all relaxed about saying goodbye and wanted to make our daughter’s leaving as smooth as possible.  We did not voice our sadness at her leaving.
We set off on our journey.  My daughter checked the flight times and realised she had made a mistake.  Brendan put the foot down and went as fast as he could to the airport.  We quietly prayed and did not utter a word of fear.  Our sadness left.  Now we had to focus to get her away!
We helped my daughter with all her cases to the  check in desk.  It  was closing.  We pleaded with the attendant to check in her luggage.  He helped us.  We were so glad she did not miss her flight.  We waved her goodbye with joy, thankful to God we got there on time.  The pressure lifted.

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My Experience on A Flight Yesterday. Write a Post in the Present Tense


I am on a flight to Tel Aviv, at 37000 feet altitude. The sky is blue right to the horizon.  I am enjoying the brightness up here.  As I look below I see the snow capped mountains and the cloud filled valleys of the Alps.
 Life is all around me inside the aircraft.  There are many families with young children on this flight.  There were prams and car seats folded beside the stairs as we boarded the aircraft.  In the past when Brendan and I took some of our children on holidays we would be the only young family on the flight.
Families are sharing their fruit and sandwichs   There is a pleasant waft of freshly peeled orange.  Mothers nurse babies.  Toddlers are being entertained with stories their mums are reading to them.  Women are standing in the isles, stopping to chat with friends.  I am thinking this is like a small community on an airoplane.  My neighbour says “I have never been on a flight like this, with so much activity.”  We quieter folk read a book, do a crossword, Sudoku or write on one’s i Pad.
It is three o’clock, prayer time?  It is the time Jesus died on the cross.  The men, with their hats on, are standing at the back and front of the aisle.  They read from their books of prayers.  I am reminded of the the Book of Daniel.  He was a governor in Babylon and was one of the Jewish exiles taken there when the temple was destroyed.
He did his job very well and other officials in the King of Babylon’s kingdom were jealous of Daniel.  They wanted to get rid of him.  The only thing they could hold against him was that he prayed three times a day.  He got put in the Den of Lions because he refused to stop praying or bow down to any other God.  And his God delivered him.
I think “Do I take God serious enough to talk to him three times a day.”  If  I love someone who loves me and has blessed me so much in my life, I want to spend time with him.  I am going to spend some time now reading from my book of prayers!