Testimony of Healing in Israel

I would need to go back again to Israel as the first time there I was overwhelmed just walking where Jesus walked! You definitely read your Bible differently everything come to life, loved it!

I had a clot in my leg before I went which used to ‘pop’ and a fountain of blood went everywhere. Our pastor ( Myself along with Pastor David Hamilton originally from The Ulster Temple, now U.T. ),and other friends used to meet for prayer and witnessed the clot ‘popping’ one morning.While having my quiet time with the Lord at my prayer station ( kitchen table), the Lord told me I would be healed in Israel.

While swimming in the Sea of Galilee I noticed the covering I had on my leg were the clot was floating past me. I got out of the water to check my leg, and Hallelujah the little ‘hole’ where the blood’exploded’ was covered with a little layer of ‘silvery’ skin🙌🏻 Between crying, rejoicing,& praising our miracle working God who keeps His promises I was healed🙌🏻Sorry so long a story, but just want all who go to go expecting as you will not be the same when your pilgrimage is over, it’s life changing spirituality. Go expecting and receive all He has for you, you get that sense of the Lord smiling over us because we came and sowed into this beautiful land. God bless you all.🙌🏻🙏🏻

Testimony from Nancy Lee

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