Read The Scriptures

Good morning everyone,

Near or far, east or west, north or south, old or young, family or friend, fair or dark, native or immigrant, welcome to my page.

I want to share with you something I read this week from Matthew 22 in the Bible.

The Pharisees and Sadducees, the religious of the day tried to trick Jesus with their questions.

The multitude who heard him were astonished at his doctrine. So much so that no one asked him any more questions. Jesus silenced them.

One example stood out for me. They asked Jesus whose wife will a woman be in heaven who had married seven brothers on earth.

Jesus replied You are in error. You don’t know the scriptures or the power of God.

Are we all guilty of being in error? Do we read the scriptures regularly, even every day?

I cannot emphasise the importance of reading the scriptures. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

I started to read the Bible regularly forty two years ago. I was a housewife looking after my family. It is became bread for my soul. It is the Word of God. Who is the Word of God? Jesus is. He is present with me as I read.

After many years of reading the scriptures I believe and have seen the power of God. I was able to draw on the truth of God’s Word that by the stripes of Jesus I am healed when I had fourth stage cancer. I am free from cancer. I am sure of this promise that I now pray for people to be healed.

Start reading the Bible today. You will become wise and you will live and be renewed by the power of God.

11 thoughts on “Read The Scriptures

      • Yes I will catch up on your blogs.
        I was reading that you do calls on Facebook to help others. Can you tell me more how to go about this. I too want to reach people to pray for their healing. Angela

      • Hi Angela, I starting doing FB live calls on March 19 2020. Hard to believe it has almost been 2 years. The intent of the calls was to encourage people and share about the love of God. I started at 7 days a week and now down to 3. I have both believers and unbelievers watch. It has been great, the calls last for about 15 minutes. I wasn’t diagnosed until November 2020. I think I am now on about 380 calls. People are enjoying the calls and we are all growing….hope that answers your questions and please let me know if you have more…Thank you so much Gord

      • Good morning Gord,
        Thank you for your reply. You are bearing fruit. Praise God for healing us.
        Do you call people individually for 15 minutes? Or do you give a talk for 15 minutes? How did you connect with people? I write my blogs but I haven’t had the time or know how to engage with others beyond that. I don’t know how to increase my readership.
        I appreciate your help.

      • Hi Angela….indeed praise God for healing, and I know He will also complete the work in me.

        On FB I speak to the screen for 15 minutes and comment when I see names.

        It is open to my FB friends, I have about 500, if I can spread a little light I want to do that……and I know that God is using the calls…..

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