Visitor From Iceland, The Redshank

On one of the mornings over the Christmas season I did go bird watching. I didn’t disturb my own flock who were getting a much needed rest.

Each time Brendan and I take a walk along the Lough shore we enjoy the newness of each scene.

One morning I picked out a wading bird with orange/ red legs and beak and speckled brown body. It is a Redshank. It bobs its head, looking here and there as it walks along the water’s edge. It feeds on insects and molluscs in the mud. When it is disturbed it flies up in the air and makes a loud screeching sound. There is a distinctive “v” shape on its back feathers while in flight. There were a number of these birds dotted along the seaweed, well camouflaged . They were not feeding together.
When I checked my bird book I was delighted to discover many Redshank come to winter in Ireland from Iceland. So this beautiful creature I saw could be a visitor from Iceland!
Today I am in Iceland. My husband and I travel back and forth to Iceland from Ireland like the Redshank.

One thought on “Visitor From Iceland, The Redshank

  1. Sweet & delightful piece Angela!! Happy new year to you & Brendan! Was so busy working I didn’t have any energy to get Christmas cards out on time. I’m sure you had a good time. A new grandson down the road & another wee one due soon in Canada. Life must be good as you watch your children take flight & make their way. Just children themselves not so long ago!! How time goes by so quickly!!! And we don’t feel that we are the older generation, do we??!! I hope 2017 sees you on the west coast HERE!!! A little farther south than usual this time!!! Well, as always,let it be in Father’s perfect timing. ✈👌 Please give my regards to Mr. Brendan, to Hannah & to John & Rachel. Maybe you can let me know your address…Coast Road, Portaferry??????? Sending you grá go leor ó California!! Áine ❤

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