Family Friday. I Take My Children Out For Dinner In An Hotel

My husband’s van had many uses.  One year, the day before St Patrick’s day a group of men came to Brendan and asked him if he would drive them to a St Patrick’s day Festival being held about fifty miles away.  My husband was kind to them and offered to help even though he was due to leave the next day for a trip to America.

He drove fifteen men to the event.  They had a jolly time celebrating with drinks till late.  Brendan was their hero.  The men were very happy to have time out together.  One day in the midst of many boring days. There were no jobs and little money for these men.  They gave Brendan some money for helping them out.

The next morning I helped Brendan get ready for his trip.   I left him to the airport.  He gave me a handful of notes, the money the men had given him the night before.  I was grateful.  I watched as his aeroplane flew high into he clouds.  I would be in charge of  looking after the children for the next two weeks.  After all the stress of the previous days I was tired.  I had no energy left to make dinner for my family when I returned home. 

I decided to take the youngest seven children with me out for dinner.  I had noticed an hotel in Portballintrae had a special evening menu.  We arrived and found a table to sit at in the middle of the busy restaurant.  We each had a three course meal.  My children sat quietly enjoying their food.  Plates were cleared.  No one climbed over chairs, no one was fighting, no one screamed and no one spilt his drink.  People sitting nearby noticed us.  As they left they remarked “You have very well behaved children.”  The money Brendan earned the night before paid for our treat. 

The meek shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise the Lord that seek him. (‭Psalms‬ ‭22‬:‭26‬ KJV)

There was plenty of work for me ahead on my own while my husband was away.  My meal out gave me a boost for the days that were ahead.  When Brendan returned I told him that I had taken the children out for a meal with the money he gave me.  He was shocked.  He thought I should have spent the money more wisely.  No, our time out together being served a three course meal was worth double the money.

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