Some Words of Thanks.


My book is called Staying Alive and I am thankful to God to be alive to celebrate another New Year.

Jesus promises to give us life and more abundantly.

A big thank you to all at WordPress.   I received some feedback about my blog yesterday.  It was if I had graduated from university.  I am so encouraged about the statistics and overall view they gave me.  I was going around with a smile on my face.

I want to thank you my followers and all who read my blogs.  I hope my words help you.  Thank you for your comments that often encourage me to keep going.  

Happy New Year and keep on doing what you are good at.

May The Lord bless you, may The Lord keep you, may The Lord make his face to shine on you and grant you his peace.


3 thoughts on “Some Words of Thanks.

  1. Angela thank you for your blogs you have so blessed and encouraged me to keep going ..May God bless you way beyond .Esp3v20 xxx

  2. Glad you’ve had a good report Angela. Glad to read your blogs & to stay in touch. May the very same blessing come back to you!! Peace of the rolling tide, peace of the calm Winter’s sky & sunsets….all those “Peace” blessings of the blessed Irish landscape that surrounds you. The peace of that little village you live in. Oh I can still feel the quietness of Portaferry…a quietness that young people would probably want to run away from….but oh how I love it!!! Yes, I can still remember it while waiting for the actual ferryboat there with Tim & Hannah, one time we were at your house in DownPatrick. Maybe someday, Father God will grant us the opportunity to return & maybe even live…? Anyway, may you continue to be open to the blessings & have a wonderful new year of anticipation of more!!! Love Áine xoxo

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