Restoration of My Purse that was Lost

I went to the Niagara Falls in the Fall.

Often when I am having a good time or planning something that will benefit others something happens to rob my joy.  I had a fantastic day out with some of my family at the Niagara Falls in Canada.

I don’t use words like fantastic but this time, the day out merited it.  I am amazed at he beauty and magnificence of the river and waterfall.  The water cascades over the Canadian Falls into swirling pools below.  A cloud of mist rises up high from the crash and mingling waters.

imageAcross from our viewing position the American Falls tumble over the cliff face. A double portion of waterfalls.  The beautiful scene was accompanied by the music of the rushing waters.  I wanted to linger all afternoon.
We drove through the countryside to Niagara on the Lake.  The autumn leaves were is full glory with yellows, reds, and browns.  We passed neat rows of vines in the vineyards made famous in this area by Canadian Iced Wine.  We lunched, shopped and strolled in this tourist town.
We had to get back before six as our host gave Mary and I two tickets to a play in Toronto.
Back home safely and happy.  In the rush of the quick turn around I discovered my purse missing.I didn’t worry or get stressed having lost my money  and bank cards.  We prayed for the purse to be returned.  I bound Satan in Jesus name from robbing my purse and any attempt to rob our joy after a good day out.  I had my passport so I could get home.
Mary and I headed off on the train to Toronto for the evening.  David rang around to see if the purse had turned up.  A great day out.
I am back in Ireland.  David checked with contacts he made on the evening I lost my purse.  The purse was handed in to the town hall and can be picked up by David.  He called me Wednesday to tell me the good news.   Not only had I a great day out but I got back my purse.  Nothing missing, nothing stolen.

God answers prayer for a purse.

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