Back to Life after Long Flight Home

I have been speaking in Slovakia about how God cured me of cancer.

It is always good to get back to home territory,  and hear local accents on the flight, the last leg of our journey into Belfast.

Each country we visit has its different lifestyles, climate and culture. In India one has to adjust to the hot temperatures and it is often difficult to sleep at night. All meals are cooked with some kind of curry.

In Slovakia a lot of the diet consists of fruit and vegetables. A good place to go if one wants to loose weight.  Olive oil and butter are not needed. So one can cut down on calories.

In Canada one can put on weight because of the abundance and variety of food. The one thing both of us look forward to when we return to Ireland is a Fish Supper. We go into Belfast and stop off at our favourite fish and chip shop. We don’t worry about the calories.  We just love the taste of freshly caught cod and crispy chips. Suitably refreshed we know we can have along sleep when we get home.

2 thoughts on “Back to Life after Long Flight Home

  1. Yea, I know how lovely it must be to be home!! And I know, thanks to your sharing one time, how good that fish supper tastes!!! Fish, something we rarely have here….its expensive! Love to County Down!!! Áine xxoo

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