Why does my Washing Machine make Socks go Missing?

Do your socks ever go missing in the wash?
I think this is a problem every household faces whether there are two or twenty living there.

I had a laundry basket I left in the washroom.  There the children put their dirty clothes. When there was few of us I enjoyed doing my laundry.  I learned to separate whites, towels, jeans, and different clothes types.  I was able to recover lost socks and pair them off.

Thank God for washing machines.  Years ago woman had to spend all of Monday scrubbing clothes clean with soap.  No washing machines or tumble driers then.

One day I was visiting an older lady.  I noticed her washing dazzling on the washing line outside.  It was indeed like the TV advert recommending a certain detergent.  I wanted to know what detergent she used.  In Ireland we still hang our washing outside, weather permitting.  The fresh air and sunshine freshen the clothes.  I love the smell of clothes brought in from the line.  I even ironed my husbands shirts then.

As the family grew my older children did the washing.  If I did not oversee what they were doing, towels would come out blue after being washed with jeans.  A delicate dress would end up wrinkled beyond repair.  My husband’s Tee shirts would shrink at a too high a temperature.  The children’s clothes I bought for them were made of material that did not need ironing.  The iron got little use.

I gave up on the sock problem.  I bought a wooden box.  I put all odd socks in it.  My husband gave up on losing his socks so he resorted to buying pairs of socks all the one colour.  They would not all be lost!


Now there only three of us at home I am back to enjoying the laundry.  I even ironed my husbands Tee shirts at the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Why does my Washing Machine make Socks go Missing?

  1. That’s great Angela! Love it. Re)reading your blog about living in Downpatrick & the unity in the area brought tears to my eyes. Hope your Easter is great & a blessed time. Xxx

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