On Good Friday this year our Son Isaac returned home from Canada.  He had spent six months there on work experience.   We were looking forward to seeing him.

Brendan and I set off to Belfast airport to pick him up.  I got a call on my cell phone from Isaac.  He missed the connecting flight to Belfast.  His flight from Canada had been three hours delayed.  He was distressed.  He was ringing from a public telephone and the money was running out.  I rang him back.  I tried to reassure him that he could get the next flight and we would pay the extra.  Still he was upset.

I tried to tell Brendan what was happening with Isaac and get his advice what to do.  Pressure was rising.  Brendan suggested to go to the flight desks and see if there was any space on any Easyjet flight to Belfast that evening.  After a while Isaac got back to us.  All the flights were full that evening as well as the following day.  It was Easter weekend, one of the busiest weekends of the year.

I wondered why Isaac was unusually stressed.  The full story unfolded later.  Isaac had set off from Vancouver, said goodbyes to friends and was looking forward to restful journey home.   He was already missing the new friends he had made.

About two hours into the flight from Vancouver, one of the passengers began to upset a flight attendant.  This passenger was drunk.  Isaac and four other men were asked to help quieten him.  They has to restrain him for an hour, while the pilot re routed  the flight to Banff Island, where the unruly man was arrested.  Bad behaviour on airlines will not be tolerated and invite a severe penalty.

The flight continued on to London but three hours late. This incident was reported on the evening news in Canada, so Isaac’s friends heard about it.  They realised he would have been on that flight.

Brendan and I returned home.  He looked up on the internet for a flight to get Isaac home that night.  There was a British Airways flight to Belfast, but from a different airport!   Brendan booked it.  Isaac had to get over there as soon as possible.  He paid a taxi man a big sum of money to get to Heathrow.  Isaac  wanted to get home at all cost.

We picked him up later that evening.  He was glad to be home and we were so happy to have him back safely.  He slept for twenty four hours.  The airline gave him a free return flight to Canada.

I know a friend who prays for anyone she knows who is going on a journey.  She prays for the pilots, the works of the plane and to keep everyone on board safe.  She must have been praying for Isaac that day.


This blog was inspired by: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/daily-prompt-safety/


  1. Another great story! And Isaac didn’t mention the altercation at first to you & Brendan. . .just that he “missed the flight”? You must have been very proud of him!!

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  4. Great story and encouraging….All worked out in the end! It must have been quite tense I’m sure for Isaac having to help restrain the drunken man on the plane.

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