First anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of my website.  It is a joy to me to write down words that have brought life to me and share them with you over the past year.  I am also happy to share photos of my family.  There is power in our words as we speak them to change situations just as God spoke words over the earth and he created light, water, ground, vegetation and all life.

Yesterday at Church the speaker gave us some wisdom.  He told us the difference between liberty and licence.  He was saying liberty is the freedom to do what is right and licence is the freedom to do what one wants without regard whether is good for one or others.  He gave the example of driving up to a red light.  The person who uses liberty will stop for his own safety and the safety of others. The person who uses licence can go through the red light endangering himself and others.   I hear so often people say, “I want freedom, don’t control me, God has given me free will.”  I have learnt from rearing my children that I will never hinder their desire for liberty.  I will rejoice even and look forward to the outcome, perhaps they will help with the housework without being told.  When I hear from them “Don’t control me” I hear rebellion.

I had a “Liberty” experience last week when we were abroad.

When we went there Brendan and I were already tired.  But the lady, with whom we were staying had a full schedule of meetings lined up for us.  We arrived Monday and went to first meeting on Tuesday night.  The next day I went for a walk with my friend.  We sat down in a cafe for coffee.  I discovered my right hand covered in fresh red blood.  I wondered where did this come from.  I discovered it was coming from a burst blood vessel.  I got help to wash and stop the bleeding and I held my hand up high to help stop the blood.

I was going around like a policeman with my hand up just like a policeman does to stop the traffic.  I was thinking about this sign and I felt it was a warning to STOP, red, DANGER.  We talked to our host, cancelled all meetings after Thursday and took more rest.  Brendan said later as the week went on “I’m glad we didn’t continue with the other events.”  We would have been stressed out and exhausted.

Sometimes circumstances can be the way God guides us.


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