The Almond Tree in Blossom

When I was on holiday recently I had a wonderful vista of almond trees in blossom in the valley below where I was staying.  It is the first tree to blossom and it is a sign of spring, with hope of better days to come after the cold winter.  As the sun shone on the trees they looked as if they were covered with snow.   A friend told me that the almond tree is the first to blossom and the last to bear fruit.  The almond nut is a perfect food with many nutrients necessary for life.

I was encouraged to see the almond tree in blossom.  It reminds me that God will keep his promises.

Jeremiah 1 v 11 says

“I see the rod of an almond tree.  The Lord said to me you have seen well for I will hasten my word to perform it.” NIV

Ecclesiastes 12 v 1 and 5

“Remember your creator while the evil days come not and the almond tree shall flourish.”  NIV

I have returned home, and today I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and brightness of the sun which confirms to me that winter is over.  I hear the chirping of birds outside my window as they make their nests in the ivy on the wall.   Crocus and daffodils are opening up.  I got my bicycle out of the shed.  It needs a bit of attention, like myself.  A few cobwebs blown away, a little oil on rusty parts, a touch of paint and it will carry me along some level country roads, nothing too taxing.  I will ignore the household chores as long as the sun shines.  I will be singing and praising God, like the birds.

So be encouraged those prayers you prayed, those cries you made during the cold dark nights of winter have been heard by your creator and he is answering.  He will bring forth the answer just as the garden cause seeds to grow.


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