Testimony Tuesday. Difficulty to Get to the Airport for a Trip Abroad.

Brendan’s work to help people in other countries know the love of God meant he had to travel often. The devil often tries to stop us getting to do what God has called us to do. He will try any way to stop us. Brendan was flying on a trip to Ethiopia.  I had a small car and I offered to drive Brendan to the airport to save him the stress of driving.  He had everything packed, and made sure he had all items covered.

We called into the garage to get some fuel.  Brendan offered to put it in the vehicle.  He put twenty pounds of unleaded into the car and went off to pay for it.  Oh no, my car took diesel, and not unleaded fuel.  Brendan was used to filling his own car with unleaded fuel.  It is an easy mistake to make.   I said to Brendan, “My car takes diesel.”

“What shall we do?”.  It was too late to call someone to take us to a garage.  We called a friend but there was no response.  We remained level headed.  We didn’t get into an argument or blame one another.

I suggested that we fill up the tank with diesel and drive on to the airport.  We had to hope the engine would not be damaged by the unleaded fuel.  It would be diluted by more diesel.  Brendan said “Let’s try it”.  We don’t have any other option.  

I drove the vehicle to the airport and the engine was still working fine.  Brendan got his flight and was able to get to his destination.  Praise God.  God is faithful to care for Brendan when he goes on trips.  We may have different difficulties but God always helps us out.  If we are working for the Father he will be faithful to look after us.  

The enemy was thwarted from his plans to stop Brendan getting on that plane. You may think I am out of my mind mentioning the devil and that he stops us going places. I know his work is to rob, steal and destroy and I want to expose his works. So you need not be afraid. Jesus defeated him and we can overcome all evil if we trust in Jesus.