I do get Mad but I Have Learnt to Forgive and Forget.

I do hold grudges but after a while I choose to forgive and forget.

I get mad at times with those closest to me.

I was mad last night is fact.

Very often I go to bed angry with someone.  I toss and turn and can’t get to sleep.  I get up and watch a programme on TV.

Perhaps I write down what I am upset about.  By the time I have written down the problem I am happier and can go back to bed.  

It is better to talk things over to clear the air before bedtime.

Scripture says “Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry and do not give the devil a foothold.  Ephesians 4 v 26

But very often the other party is not aware there is a problem or is to tired to resolve the issue.  So the anger remains till the morning.

If the issue is not resolved I hold a grudge.  But sadly I am only harming myself.  The other person is often oblivious to the hurt done, so the anger grows.  The bitterness increases.  The devil has got a foothold.

This is what happened to me when I developed colon cancer.  I was upset with people and did not get issues resolved.  I became angry, unforgiving and bitter.

Forgiving is the key to life, health and happiness.  

I find it easy to accept God has forgiven me, but it is harder to forgive someone who has hurt.

I choose to forgive others.  It may not be easy.  I do not want to get sick again.