Getting Older

What a beautiful warm day we enjoyed this Sunday in Ireland. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. The clocks went back an hour. People took the opportunity of waking up with an hour to spare and head to the outdoors. Perhaps we all wanted to enjoy the inviting warmth before darker and colder days approach.

We are like some butterflies, Red Admiral and Tortoiseshell, that came to my garden a few weeks ago. Late blooming sunflowers were lifting their heads to the sun in a sheltered corner of the garden. The butterflies spread their wings to soak up the warmth on the face of the sunflower. The beautiful colours of their wings lit up in the light. They lingered around the sunny corner trying out some other flowers they love, while the sun shone.

Brendan and I took the ferry from Portaferry to Strangford. A large crane was positioned near the terminal. It was available to lift any remaining yachts and boats out of the water to be stored for the winter. The end of the season for letting the wind fill the colourful sails.

We visited an outdoor market in Dundrum. As we walked about the stalls I could feel the warmth of the sun on my back. Everyone was light hearted. Smells of cooking wafted through the air. Both food outlets were doing plenty of business. We discovered a few hidden treasures; a mosaic topped table and chairs was my favourite find. I will restore them and look forward to tea in the garden next spring. Our children warn us not to be getting more stuff. But we don’t listen. Our home will end up as a museum full of items that evoke memories from our younger days, English Rose China, a crystal decanter, a rocking horse or tapes of old movies.

Some visitors called with us this evening. I sat with my friend by the fire. We chatted about our aches and pains. I suggested they can easily be warded off by a Magnisium supplement. I read yesterday from another blogger’s page that Magnesium is a cure for all; pain in limbs, high blood pressure, indigestion and insomnia. I will be keeping a bottle of Milk of Magnesia in the cupboard. There will be warm cups of cocoa at bedtime and Epsom Salt baths often this winter. No flu jab for me!

I was meditating on these words this evening after an active day.

But the godly will flourish like palm trees, and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon. Even in old age they will produce fruit. They will remain vital and green..
So even to old age and grey hairs, O God do not forsake me.
Psalm 92 and 71.

7 thoughts on “Getting Older

  1. Lovely to see you on Sunday, Angela! Great post – strange that you must have been going home on the ferry a short time before we caught it to visit you!

    • Thank you Gerry. My blog was inspired by our talk and a great day out. I’m back at book. I’m like David. Take six steps forward and then pray. Are you praying in tongues?
      Good to see you and hubby. I had a bath with Epsom salts today. Just in case I need a top up of magnesium love Angela.

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  2. Lovely post Angela. I smiled through the whole read, visualizing the warm spots in the garden & then your & Brendan’s movements… on the ferry to the market, “en plain”. What a great find….the mosaic table ….right up your alley!! Kinda sad to see the crane coming to take away the boats….but that is the reality on the Lough I suppose. Better safe than sorry.
    I hope Autumn takes its time yielding to Winter & that that is brief when it comes… cold enough to kill the germs but only for a short time. I’m not going near the flu jab either. Let the Lord keep us all healthy through His created natural supplements. I think I do have the Magnesium you mention…with pains in over-worked hands & wrists….time to take it again.
    Of course the invitation has to be rolled out again…..would love if you two could make it over here sometime, if you happen to be visiting western Canada, Isaac & Simone etc… would love to have you stay for as long as you’d like!
    Lots of Vitamin D still pouring from the sky….more gently at this time of year thankfully.
    I guess I’ll have to get the prayers in that you’ll come!!
    Thanks for the lovely evocative posting!
    Keep them up!
    Shalom! Shalom!
    Grace! Grace!
    And fond fond memories,
    Love always,

    • Good to hear from you Aine. Thanks for the encouragement. I have been writing my book on prayer this year, so blogs have been sparse. Can you support me in prayer at this time. Brendan is working on book on dreams as well. Love Angela

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  3. Shalom dear Angela!!
    Greetings from beautiful, still sunny Jerusalem! We also had our time change and are loving the last of sweet warm golden days before rains come!
    Amen to those Scriptures and those who wait on Him, He renews their youth and strength!
    Love Franny

    • Good morning Franny. Lovely to hear from you out of the blue. And from Jerusalem! You have lifted my heart.
      Brendan and I are planning a trip to Jerusalem in February. Please can you remind me how you know me. Amazingly the sun is still shining where I live.
      Sincerely Angela

    • Hello from Ireland.
      Brendan and I are coming to Jerusalem in February. We are looking forward to seeing the first blossoms of spring, the Almond tree. It speaks of God fulfilling his promises to Israel and us.

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