My Grandchildren’s Christmas Play.

I attended my grandchildren’s Christmas play this morning. When they appeared on stage the mum, dad and myself had to wave until the two boys caught our gaze. They were ready to get on with the show knowing family were watching.

It doesn’t seem so long ago since I was watching each of my own boys and girls in a traditional Christmas play. They would dress up as a shepherd, an angel, a wise King or a donkey. They sang songs about Jesus birth.

Today’s event was different. The children invited us to see how six other nations celebrate Christmas. Poland and China were my favourites. The little ones were dressed in red Chinese costumes and flat hats. I must congratulate the teachers on managing so many young students. A big effort indeed.

I called my son last night to tell him I wouldn’t be able to make it. I was too far away, too cold, too sore, too old, too tired, too alone and my car wasn’t working. I awoke early. I changed my mind and made the effort to go. Ressurrection power kicked in.  The electric plugs had fused. First hurdle to overcome. I dressed in warm clothes because the chilly cold winter winds were blowing. I got the ferry. It was navigating across from Portaferry to Strangford on choppy waters. I sat nervous in my van. I hoped the wind would die down for my return journey.

All the effort was worth it to see my son’s and grandchildren’s smiley faces because granny came along. I remember being at a school event after my first grandchild was born. Everyone was congratulating me on being a granny. It must be an important hurdle for a woman. We now have eighteen grandchildren. Most of them live too far away to attend school plays. They live in far flung places; Canada, Slovakia and Dublin.

I’m glad I didn’t miss today’s Christmas show.

4 thoughts on “My Grandchildren’s Christmas Play.

  1. It was absolutely amazing my granddaughters were in it so excited to see us great joy to be blessed angela with grandchildren x

  2. O Angela I’m so glad you rose to the occasion, overcame the hurdles, endured the ferry with trepidation & went to see the play because I got to see not only your efforts but see the play in part through your report too! And to see John’s bright eyes, maybe Rachel’s too & the two wee boys delighted to see their Granny come to see them. It is a precious time of affirming the little ones & the play sounded very colourful & delightful. It’s great that the Teachers went beyond the usual familiar fare & expanded the children’s minds by giving it international feel.
    Was Granddad Brendan away…did he not see it too??
    Please do call me again if you feel led.
    I am back at home after my stint helping in-laws down south. It’s always a pleasure & a blessing to hear you.
    Trust you got your fuse fixed & I pray the bright blessings of our Heavenly Father, His richest grace & glory to be on you & Brendan & the far flung offspring these days.
    With love, Áine

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