Why the Irish like Potatoes!

I live in Ireland. We are three weeks into March in 2018. We have had one day of clear blue skys and warm sunshine in that time. I took the opportunity to sit in the sun in the morning and get some fresh air and a walk in the afternoon. Being out in the sun lifted my mood. This past winter has been unusually cold and windy with snow. We seldom have snow!!  Its very easy to get depressed and run for the cover of the duvet.

I was reading a blog, Cure4Health written by Chadmin. I quote

“During the winter months the sun’s rays are weaker and often covered by clouds. This caused scientists to believe that it was the absence of light that caused depression. In a way they were right. The sun’s rays trigger our body to produce vitamin D.
Studies have shown a link between vitamin D deficiency and mood. Vitamin D is a vitamin our body doesn’t store. Each day we need a source of vitamin D or we become deficient. The good news is that getting enough vitamin D each day is easy.  Do you love potatoes? Great! Vitamin D is in potatoes, mushrooms, milk, shellfish, and other fish. ”

Now I know why I like mashed potatoes or fish and chips. When it’s cold outside in Ireland nothing can beat a dinner that includes potatoes. Our most popular takeaway is Fish and Chips. You can’t beat it on a dark cold day to cheer one up.

2 thoughts on “Why the Irish like Potatoes!

  1. Super explanation!! I love potatoes too even if I live in a sunny spot. I don’t have them every day but occasionally even crave them…mash or chips like you have Angela. I hope the rest of spring picks up & the sun shines more. If not, please know you & Brendan are welcome to come visit & stay awhile. It’s far away from Ireland but don’t forget Vancouver is (just?!) up the road where family & friends are. Well, maybe Mary’s visit will have paved the way for more Mc Cauleys to come! You’d be as welcome as the flowers of May. (As the Lord leads). Well done on another short & sweet piece! Blessings!
    Aine Mc

    • Yes it’s something to consider in the future. Usually Brendan and I have been to Iceland and Israel in the winter these last three years. We didn’t go anywhere this year. We plan to go somewhere in the sun for sure next year. John and his family moved to a promised land house today. New beginning for he and his young family. Thank you for hosting Mary. She is overflowing after her American visit and she missed the snow!
      Love Angela

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