Oh White Butterfly

Oh White Butterfly

Oh white butterfly,
You are in the forest in Portaferry,
You live in my orchard,
You visit my graden,
You surprise me in Toronto.
You pass by the Rugby match in Etobicoke,
You flutter across the lawn in Massachusetts.
Were you at the Pinnacle in New Hampshire?
You rest on the lilac tree in Meene.
You spread your wings in Glouster.
You rest on a stone in Newbury Port.
You smell the flowers on Lough Erie shore.
You dance in my garden,
to welcome me home again.

You have grown.  Your wings have enlarged.

You glide effortlessly over the roof.

You have brought your family to say hello too,

They kiss the dandelion, green leaf or daisy.  Come and enjoy.

Some of your tribe darted along the roadside as I went  to see a friend.

They guided me there.

You were hiding when it rained.  Where?

The sunshine has returned.  Spread your wings again.

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