Recognise. Daily Prompt.

Dont I recognise youI” said the doctor to my husband. ” I have seen you before.” My husband just looked at him. Brendan was asked to come join me in the waiting room in the accident and emergency department of the local hospital. The doctor had just examined me. My daughter who is a doctor and my husband thought from my symptoms I must have cancer. They were anxious to hear the doctor’s opinion of my condition.

“Are you the man with the big family?” Brendan wanted to know how I was and not be questioned on another subject.
” I know now. Did you write books for India? There are two books of yours in my mother’s home in Kerala, India. There is a photo of your big family on the front.”
Brendan was perplexed.

Now to the matter of my condition. He discovered a firm mass in my bowel when he examined me. He didn’t mention cancer, but said he would refer me for further tests to the cancer unit in Belfast and request immediate attention. I got an appointment to see a specialist in two weeks time. There is usually a longer waiting time. We got favour because the doctor recognised Brendan.

We left the hospital resigned that I had some serious condition. We went home to tell our family that mummy wasn’t well. I had always been healthy. The only time I was in hospital was to have my children. I felt numb. My husband felt numb. We were weak and began to think of what the future would hold for us. I felt I was dying. I had no strength.

Brendan began to reflect on meeting the India doctor earlier in the hospital. Before the doctor told Brendan any bad news, he reminded Brendan of the books he had written for India. Brendan and I had sacrificed our time and finances to write two books for a Christian ministry, “Christ for India.” The Lord was speaking to his heart and saying “I am here with you in your day of trouble. I remember your sacrifice for the poor.”

Psalm 91 gives me a promise from God’s Word, I will be with you in trouble and deliver you out of it.
Psalm 41 says, he who has regard for the poor The Lord will raise him up from his sick bed.”
Psalm 112 says The man who fears the Lord will have no fear of bad news.

In my day of trouble and weakness God reassured us of his care. He is faithful to keep his promises. Thus began my journey through cancer. Four months later I believed I was healed of fourth stage cancer.
It was good the doctor was on duty that day. He did recognise Brendan, the man with the big family.

2 thoughts on “Recognise. Daily Prompt.

  1. Angela, that is a good read! I think there was an anointing on it….because you want to glorify God in it?? The construct was clever & believable because it ws descriptive….according to the reality & you tie it all nicely together at the end, sandwiching those scriptures nicely in the middle. Well done! Did I tell you about Dr. Susan Richards, a medical doctor turned minister??? How she’s led to teach the body of Christ how to pray effectively & “medically” for healing??? She has seen wonderful results. “Armies of paraplegics walking”/ people recovering from serious car accidents & cancer as she is now invited by her Stanford colleague to step in & pray. I’m learning a lot from her having attended just two of her “sessions”. & plan to go to her monthly teaching in the area. If you have the inclination you can see her on YouTube….Dr. Susan Richards. I also have the “recording” of her last teaching session from 2 weeks ago. Would you like me to send it to you? (Please Say yes!!!!!) She is a very humble lady, to whom, she said, “the Lord gave her the gift of compassion when (she was) a little girl”. She didn’t even like Science….so its all His doing. Keep up the good work & stay blessed! Love Áine ❤ 💝 🌹 🌈 🌹

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