6 thoughts on “Breath if You Can ~ A Cancer Survivor Story

  1. Angela….is this your story? I didn’t know you had suffered such after effects of chemo??????? You describe it all so well, it gives me a whole new insight into what chemo-under goers have to endure. A real eye opener!!! Thank you!!!..whoever’s story this is…..it’s really well put. MayGod bless you & diminish those effects. Áine Fuller

    • Dear Aine, I reposted this blog from another writer. It opened my eyes to hear what God delivered me from. I had no side effects from the treatments. God kept me through the Fire. Alleluia. Yes many people do not get to stay alive to tell their story. This lady did. And she thanks God.

    • Hi,
      As you see I posted your article about breath on WordPress yesterday. Thank you for allowing me to share it. There is a prompt on wordpress about Survival today. Perhaps you could post your survival story.
      I and others would like to hear more about your journey through cancer. It will encourage others out there. You overcome Satan by the word of your testamony. In book of Revelation.

      • Ahhh, thanks for such kind and inspiring words, Angela. I was in the middle of today’s “survivor” post when you wrote this. I have so many “survivor” stories it’s a wonder I have survived them all :). I kept a daily diary of suffering through cancer so maybe I’ll pull that out. I feared it was such a depressing topic no one really wanted to read of it, so I haven’t blogged much about the experience itself. Thanks for your encouragements – maybe I’ll give that a shot. Thank you again for linking mine.

  2. Yes, start blogging about it. Your confidence will grow. You have hidden treasure. You could publish a book! People want to hear about the gore. That’s why people watch horror movies because their lives are so boring.

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