Security in the Promise of God’s Word.

Psalm 121 v 7
The Lord will keep you from all harm.
The Lord will shield your going out and your coming in from now on for evermore.
On the Ryanair flight to Bratislava, I read this comforting Word from this Psalm.
The Lord, God Almighty who lives on high over all the earth, promises to keep me safe from I leave home till I return.

imageI left home at 4am and travelled by car and Aircoach to Dublin airport.  The flight to Bratislava seems to always be fully booked.  There are plenty of prams waiting to be loaded in the hold of the plane as we board.
Brendan and I were warmly welcomed by Marta.  We will rest till the grandchildren fly in from school looking for their Irish Grand dad and Granny.
I will rest knowing the security of my Heavenly Father watching over us.  The adventure in Slovakia begins.

5 thoughts on “Security in the Promise of God’s Word.

    • Nice to hear from you Norah. Good to be on the road again. Thank you for remembering us. I was told many years ago that women all over the world will uphold me. You are one. Your sweet fragrance is coming before The Lord on our behalf. Angela

  1. Hi Angela,

    I’m a friend of Toni Lovell’s, and she gave me your book in the summer as my husband David was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Just to say this email arrived in my inbox as chemo began. Great verses for chemo!! Totally believing in 100% healing and creative miracles. Loved your book too. So many verses God has given us as well. He is good!

    Blessings Rosie Fry Southsea

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