It Is Well With My Soul

It is well with my soul.

I wanted to relax earlier so I looked to see if there was anything interesting on TV.
I flicked from channel to channel.  A game show, a food programme and a dance show.
My eyes, ears and mind were bombarded with advertisements, bodies gyrating and loud music.
No definitely not relaxing.
I turned the machine off.
Then I got a call on my mobile.  I was talking for some time.
I began to get a headache.
Is this mobile frying my brain?
I wonder what neuroscientists think of that.
If I take a call again it will have to be on my house phone.
How could I relax?
I retreated to my room.
The room lit up.
The sun shone in the living room window giving warmth and brightness.
The sheep grazed in the field across the way, enjoying the warmth on their backs before sunset.
There was stillness in the air.
Be still and know that I am God.
I began to relax.
My eyes soaked up the light and beauty of the green trees and pastures.
My ears are enjoyed the stillness and my mind did not have to work.
This was better than any TV programme, beauty massage, or therapy session.
The trumpet flowers turn towards the evening light.
It was such a beautiful evening Brendan and I went out to the local beach.
The sun was going down.
The sea was calm with a gentle ripple lapping the shore.
A bird called in the distance.
A heron stood motionless on the water’s edge, eyes concentrating.
Seals froliced in the shallow water, a little exercise before bedtime.
Children’s voices echoed across the water from the nearby caravan site.
Making memories before holidays are over and school days loom on the horizon.
There is time for everything under heaven.
We returned home.
We looked up into the moonless sky.
There was an extravaganza of stars and the mist of the Milky Way.
The Lord put on a show for me this evening.
I will magnify my creator and my God.
God made all these things for us to enjoy.
I cannot but praise him.

What is man that thou art mindful of him?
The son of man that you care for him?  Psalm 8 v 4

I see the Stars,
I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed.
Then sings my soul my saviour God to thee.
How great thou art, How great thou art.

Lyrics from Hymn How Great thou art.

It is well with my soul.

9 thoughts on “It Is Well With My Soul

  1. Thank you Angela for that. It is beautifully written. It’s like taking a draught of a refreshingly cool tasty health drink, a smoothie, on a warm day. A tonic. Recounting the Creator’s beauty of design is healing & yes so much better than the clanging of noisy advertisements. Your writing, your descriptions of the natural world at your door step reminds me of the writings of James Herriot that I may have delved into 30years ago. Do you remember this Vet in Northern England who wrote numerous & humorous accounts of his everyday life treating animals, great & small in the hills & vales of Yorkshire. My mind will forever have delightful impressions of that County. Does the photo you included depict your actual flowers? Are they the actual trumpets raising their heads to the last of the day’s rays? Because when I saw the stone work I immediately thought “wow, even the walls of Angela & Brendan’s house are beautiful!!” I am so thankful to have grown up & lived over 50 years in a beautiful country. Beauty is rehabilitating & there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s God-Creator-designed. Don’t you think that even the word ‘Creator’ is inadequate or brief to describe the beautiful Mind & Person behind this plethora of intricacy. As I write this at 6a.m. in my bed there are 2 crows calling to each other, probably 600 feet, 300meters apart. One being just outside the window. The other must be moving around as his/her voice is fading. Communicating to each other!! Yesterday evening I was painting skirting /kick boards in the garage & a neighbour’s caged bird was singing away. I was suddenly aware of it’s maybe lonely situation so I attempted to imitate it’s sweet voice. He(she) heard me & stopped for a while. I was hoping my imitation didn’t offend it or wasn’t threatening it. But I was so blessed by even that little bird’s company & thought of St. Francis. When our dog rolled around on the grass I hoped it entertained the flightless bird. The sun went down quickly; faster than in Ireland’s latitude & I took out the binoculars to, like you Angela, gaze at the stars. Thankfully they shine through pretty brightly here too. Maybe not to the same extent as rural Ireland. They surely “put on a show for free”, like sentinels in the dark depths of space. Haven’t those same stars been in their positions since Abraham’s time & since creation!! I just realized that!!! Yes, of course so has the earth but those stars HE looked at. We know that much!! We share those same stars with the same awe as all those historic figures had. That realization has just connected them to me!!!! “I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky”. If the world went on long enough, the same could have been said about your offspring! How blessed you & Brendan are! May you continue to enjoy many more warm mellow evenings in “Bright” & continue to find beautiful ways to relax. Someday can you find out (for me, please)what your original place name (probably in Gaelic) would have been? I’m intrigued by it’s starkness …. “Bright”! Go mbeannaí Dia sibh! (May God bless you both!) Love Áine xxoo (do you get the photos I attach here?)

    • Yes Aine, the flowers are in my window box and they are turned towards the evening sun. Isn’t it amazing you are looking at the same stars. Heaven is beyond them. I often think of your song. Heaven is a wonderful place. Thank you for your musings and remembrance of Ireland. Angela

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