Lightning strikes!

Here is a blog I wanted to share with you from my daughter.

Double Portion Child

When I was in North Carolina there would frequently be thunder storms. During our woman’s week the boys were out camping in the forest with a group of Teen challenge boys while us ladies were nice and cosy inside. Mrs Pons was coming to the end of her talk and exclaimed “Dont stay in the box!”, immediately there was a flash and crack of lightning. It was as if God was confirming his word, it definitely got our attention!

Psalm 29:7 says “the voice of the Lord strikes with lightning bolts” NLT this seemed like one of those occasions!

Meanwhile in the woods, the rain was lashing down and the boys were deciding to pack up and come back early. My brother was amongst them and being the wild Irish man he is, he wasn’t wearing shoes. He was running around telling the lads to get their tents packed up…

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One thought on “Lightning strikes!

  1. Thanks Angela. That was awesome! Great to see all that education put to use for God”S glory!!!! Halleluia! Please keep me in prayer also. Am finding life very challenging. Thanks again for that! Áine xxoo

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