How the Humble Lily is a Sign of My Healing


I have some lilies blooming in my garden.  They are flourishing.  There are six lilies growing in a pot and they are so unusually big.  They have never bloomed like this before for me.  


I am reminded of a picture of a lily a young man sent me, when I believed I was healed of cancer, and others, including the doctors, did not.
Back in 2010 I had fourth stage bowel cancer.  The doctors advised fives weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to reduce the tumour, in preparation to operate to remove the tumour and part of my bowel.  I believe that God heals diseases today as we pray in Jesus name.
Many people were praying for me.  I believed I was healed three months after I was diagnosed.

It was hard to convince others that I was healed.  I caused a furore amongst the doctors in charge.  A senior doctor was cross with me.   He said this has never happened in my thirty years of working with cancer patients.  Another young doctor said he would be the first to give me a big hug if I was healed.  
Others, especially my family and friends were encouraging me and supporting me in my faith.

One particular friend painted a picture for me.  It was a picture of a white lily.  I asked him what was the meaning of the picture.  He believed God inspired him to do the painting.  He said a lily is a symbol of completion.
The lily is mentioned in the bible when Solomon was building the temple.  The pillars that supported the roof had lilies carved on the top.
“The capitals on top were in the shape of lilies. And so the work on the pillars was completed.” (1 Kings 7:22 NIV)

This young man’s visit was a great encouragement.  I believe God was confirming that my healing was complete even though the doctors had not done any tests on me.
Two months later the doctor called me to the hospital.

They wanted to arrange to do surgery to remove the tumour as was planned.  He was dismayed when I said I believed I was healed.  My husband agreed with me.  He went for a second opinion and came back to insist we arrange a date for an operation.  I said I did not need one.  He let us leave.

I was called by the head doctor’s secretary the next day and asked to attend a quickly arranged appointment to check to see if the tumour was gone.  I had a colonoscopy.  I talked to the nurses as I went into the testing room that I was healed.  They just smiled.  

The doctor could not find the tumour.  I saw for myself on the monitor screen that my colon walls were like a baby’s skin.  Alleluia.
I remain healed four years on through faith in God.
That is why the lilies in my garden bring me joy today.

5 thoughts on “How the Humble Lily is a Sign of My Healing

  1. Very uplifting Angela!! Will try to pass this along. Beautiful flowers for you to look at, enjoy & to remember that series of awesome events!! Yes, may the Lord be praised,indeed. Aine xxoo

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