Weekly Photo Challenge. Threshold


We are going over the threshold into a new season in our lives.
This is the gate to our new home.  It indeed is a new beginning for us.


The anticipation of a new beginning gave us energy.
We moved on the first day of April to the country.
This is a good time of the year to move. 
Leaves are coming out on the hedgerows and lambs skip in the fields.  
The days are longer and there is warmth in the sunshine.
The beach is nearby.  We can take a walk, nothing too strenuous, and enjoy the waves and the mountains.
Horses graze in the field behind us and cattle wander around the meadow in front of us.
It is like going back in time.  I grew up in the countryside.  
I was anticipating moving house for some time.  Now the day had arrived.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge. Threshold

  1. That’s a great looking place Angela. Am delighted foe you both. Looks roomy enough for visiting family too!! Praise God!! Áine xo

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