How I Learned to yield and not say “Never Surrender” Daily prompt

Having lived in Northern Ireland during thirty years of war, it was quite common to drive into a village and see a banner with the words “No Surrender” printed on it.

These banners of protest were inspired by Ian Paisley, a leader of the DUP party at Stormont.  He was not willing to work with any Party that represented Nationalism, and encouraged his followers to do the same.

Many people across the world were praying for peace in our land.

He dug his heels in for thirty years.  But then through negotiations with mediators from America and Great Britain, he was willing to change his mind.  His wife said to him, “We don’t want more years of war”.   He listened to his wife.  The Impossible happened, he changed his mind.   God moved.

He was willing to work with the Leader of Sinn Fein in Stormont.  They became known as the Chuckle Brothers.

I have been known to be a stubborn person.  My husband will agree wholeheartedly in this.  I have been fiercely protective of my children and if they were mistreated I would not be afraid to address it with the offender.  I was many times unwilling to agree with my husband about decisions to be made in the home.  Then we had stalemate.

After many years off stalemate and pain, I myself have learned to yield and give up my stubbornness.  I am willing to change my mind and work with others.

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