Do you have Good Teeth? One of the Gifts of God is to Enjoy your Food


Psalm 21v 1&3
The king rejoices in your strength, Lord. How great is his joy in the victories you give!
You came to greet him with rich blessings and placed a crown of pure gold on his head. (Psalm 21:1, 3 NIV)
Twenty seven years ago I was expecting my eighth child, John.  I remember reading the Psalm mentioned above.  A mother needs to give special attention to her teeth when she is expecting a baby.  I was going to my dentist.  He discovered one of my molars needed a crown.  He said I can give you a gold crown for this tooth, free.  Dental care is free when one is pregnant.  I remembered the Psalm I had read, “I will put a gold crown upon your head.”
Within two weeks I had a shiny gold crown fitted on my tooth.  People are often surprised that my teeth are strong after having fourteen babies.  I had a good dentist and rather than take a tooth out when it was decayed, he preserved it and fitted a crown.  I have a mouth full of gold crowns!  I have been blessed by God. 
When I was in Dawson Creek back in November 2013 one of my gold crowns dislodged from a tooth.  I was anxious that my tooth would be sensitive and if I got to a dentist it would be expensive.  Our host got a dental appointment.  He checked it out and suggested I wait to see my own dentist back home.  Thankfully I was not in pain and the appointment was 50 dollars.
Two months on, today, I got a new gold crown fitted.  My tooth is restored to better than before.  God is a God of restoration.  I persevered two months with a jagged tooth in my mouth till today I have a strong smooth,gold crowned tooth.  One of the gifts of God is to enjoy your food.  I enjoyed my dinner when I got back home.
Have you had a promise that God gave you, fulfilled?  Tell me about it.



One thought on “Do you have Good Teeth? One of the Gifts of God is to Enjoy your Food

  1. Hi Angela. Just musing after reading your blog. .nothing about teeth but about ‘changing status’. From this life to next. Babies in womb surely hear the ‘outside world’ before they get there. Should we not be preparing to go to ‘the place prepared for us’ by listening closely to the sounds of that place? Customize ourselves to it’s peace & beauty. My mother used to say”future events cast their shadows” & scripture says “He does nothing without telling his prophets” (can’t remember what the reference is). .should we not be training ourselves to hear what’s up ahead? Just thinking & musing. Well done for looking after your teeth!!!! Áine xo

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