David’s Birthday

On the  eighth of January my son David will be twenty five.  He is my tenth child and fifth son.  That made my family up to five boys and five girls, a nice round figure and an equal number of boys and girls.

When I was expecting  David we had the opportunity to get some renovations done in our home.  We were blessed to move to a house big enough for all of us while the work was going on.  Aine was our live in Nannie at the time.  She was with us for two years and was a great blessing, helping with my work of rearing children.

Different events happened to us in that year. Brendan had a smart little black sports car.  He was driving past a building in Coleraine when a bomb went off.  The car windows smashed, debris reigned down on the car and Brendan was pretty shaken.  I think the loud blast affected his ears.  But Praise God Brendan was able to drive home.  The car was restored.  Life went on as if nothing happened in the Mc Cauley household.  Brendan did not have time to think he was injured.

I was learning to drive.  I was enjoying my new freedom driving out in the country with the driving instructor.  No children to look after for a while.  One day Brendan suggested I apply to do my test.  The instructor was happy to drive me around as long as I was paying.  So a driving test was arranged.

I had a dream while I was expecting David, that I will never forget.  I saw these scorpion / horse like demons.  They were coming to get me.  I was frightened of them but I remember saying to them “I am going to tell Brendan on you.”  They all ran away.  What the dream was telling me, if I come under attack from any demons, all I have to do is tell Brendan and he will deal with them.  My husband has the authority to protect me.  When I had cancer Brendan was able to take his authority over me and drive away the demons that were trying to kill me.

We spent Christmas in our temporary home and got ready for David’s arrival in the New Year.  A friend sent us a Christmas card with a family of rabbits on the front.  Ha Ha. It did not bother me what friends thought about me having a big family.

Brendan had booked to go to England for a conference in January.  We thought our baby would have been born before Brendan was due to leave.  My babies tended to come late and David was no exception.  I was happy Brendan went ahead to the conference in England.  I hoped our baby would wait a little longer.

We all waved to Brendan as he headed off to the the airport with his friends.  I reassured him I would be okay.  About an hour later my waters broke, which is the beginning of being in labour.  I sent one of the children across the road to my friend, who sent me the card with the rabbits, to ring the airport to try and contact Brendan.  We did not have mobile phones or i Pads then!

Brendan had been to the birth of all my children.  He was always a great support to me at the births, comforting and praying for me.  Would we be able to get in touch with Brendan before his flight left, and return to be with me for the arrival of our son?


3 thoughts on “David’s Birthday

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    • Dear Reader,
      Thank you for your comment. I am encouraged.
      I have not been blogging these last few months due to family commitments and ministry.
      But I do enjoy when I get inspiration to write again. Comments like yours make it worthwhile.

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