My First Born Son

Jesus says ” Come to me all you are are tired and weary and I will give you rest”.
I believe God cares for me and he desires to give me rest when I need it. September or October time is good for us to take a break when the children are back at University. God is good to all mankind. He wants people everywhere to know he is good. What he has done for me he can do for you.

I trust him to provide a holiday for Brendan and I every year. We need the refreshment. Need time together to fall in love all over again.

Psalm 23 says “He leads me beside green pasture and still waters to restore my soul.” Very often this Psalm is read at funerals. I don’t want to wait till I die to go to green pastures. I believe he can give me green pastures here on earth. Zakynthos is one of the places of green pastures and still waters for us. There was rain on the island the day before we arrived. Everywhere is looking so fresh.

It is mid day now. I am sitting ten feet away from the water’s edge. Little sun lights are dancing on the water. The sun shades are flapping in the breeze. We can now enjoy the beauty and sun of far away places that I used to watch in the movies.

At this time of year the sun is not to strong for our fairer Irish complexion. Time in the sun provides my beauty treatment for the year and vitamins for my bones. There is a scripture that says “The sun shall not smite you by day or the moon by night.” I do not get sunburn. I know when I have enough.

My husband has travelled to the nations. My son Brendan has married into the nations. His wife Tamara is from Italy. She has introduced us to the delicious home cooking the Italian mothers are so proud of. No more tuna debeano for Brendan. Tamara is from Sardinia another Mediterranean island. It is the number one destination for the rich and famous.

They have three beautiful girls. Brendan had a dream about his second child. He dreamed she would come early and be called Rebecca. And so it was. The dream came to pass.
“You knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139 v 13.
“Before you were born I knew you.” Jeremiah 1 v 5

As I was caring for Shann and my new son Brendan, I began to realise the seriousness of being responsible for someone else’s welfare. What I did with my life would affect my children. I began to seek how best to rear my children. This started me on my search for God and caused me to change my life. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you.

I was reading in Exodus 20 v 5 to 6 hat God blesses to the thousandth generation of those who love God but cursing comes down the generations to the third and fourth generation of those who disobey God. I did not want my children to be cursed so I asked God to forgive my wrong doings I did in ignorance and I asked him to guide me into the future.

Shann and Brendan were good friends. They taught me to trust God. They got up every morning, knew there would be food for them, and had fun and joy. They trusted their dad would have provided for them. So too our Heavenly Father who created us promises to care for us.

They did not remember if they had a bad day yesterday. They had joy. I learnt from them to forgive and not hold on to the bad things that happened before. Jesus said we are to become like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

My son Brendan has a tender heart. He was born into our lives when we were young and wild. A little baby always trusts. He was there every morning looking for care but in return gave back love and trust. Our hearts were being turned to the little children.

Well done, Brendan.

One thought on “My First Born Son

  1. Lovely! Are you still by the water’s edge? Probably gone indoors for a siesta. Are there many other tourists on the island or do you have it all to yourselves? I’ve come to love the warmth of the sun here. Everyday it’s still shining! My skin & bones are making up for many years of sunshine drought. Like you, Angela, I know when I’ve had enough & claim that promise, remembering where I 1st heard it. .”down the garden” in Captain St. Coleraine in the 80s when the Summers were pretty nice & a sun-lounge was bought for swinging on. That was a beautiful garden that Brendan planted. Trees waving in the breeze(accompanying the children’s clothes drying on the line)& many many colorful flowers, dahlias & roses & borders. It was delightful! It’s so true what Brendan says about people’s need for beauty in their lives. Well,I’ve broached the idea of visiting Vancouver to Tim. He wants details! Specific dates that would suit you(you will probably say ‘anytime’!)? Would we need to find our own accommodation? (yes, probably) Also, maybe you can consider coming this way!!!! Wouldn’t that be fun!!!!! I’ve made enough friends to make a Gathering,if you would want that. I lightly broached “the Holy Spirit” with the main Pastor. Of course he knows “the deposit” & the leading, but I reckon would be a novice in the walking by the spirit. He & other elders are humble people who love the Lord & are ready to do His will. If you feel led to come,do!!!!! For a wee break. .no need to minister. Just meet people. . .in OUR home!!! And relax! Hopefully by that time I will have passed my driving test. I/we will be getting a car soon,from Tim’s son & wife in return for babysitting their 2 year old, 2 days a week. .a job that starts maybe in 2 weeks time,which we will have to work around if we go up to Canada. This is a beautiful place. Wine country! Like Napa Valley. Horse & ranch country. Cowboy land. The town is small & relaxing to be in. I think you’d love it. We’re 40 miles from San Francisco if you want to see that. There’s a connecting train service from next town which is called Dublin! The Lord will make the way if you are to come. But it’s something that I have always thought about you & Brendan, if you happened to be in Vancouver. Didn’t think it would be so soon! Anyway,we’ll see what we can do & I better get praying in the meantime. Enjoy more if the twinkling lapping waters! Áine xoxo

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