Three weeks ago, I fell and broke my wrist.  I praise God that I do not have more serious injuries because my head hit a wall and then my body slumped onto my left arm.  My friend, who saw me fall, was in shock.  There were some angels about that day.

Brendan took me to the Accident and Emergency.  A young man who seemed quite shy, walked in and sat down beside me.  He spoke over to my husband and it turned out they knew each other.  He had a frozen shoulder and was in pain.  Jesus said, “They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” Mark 16 v 18.   I offered to pray for his arm to be healed.  He was happy and accepted my offer as he knew I had been healed of cancer.  He realised there was a long waiting time so he opted to come back in the morning.  A few minutes later he came back into the waiting room waving his arms and saying, “The pain has gone,” and told the other patients, “Let this woman pray for you “.  No one else took up the offer.

I had been waiting in casualty for some time so I was relieved to be called behind the magical doors where one will get the attention of the overworked doctor.  He looked at my arm and saw it was broken and sent me for an x ray.  While waiting there, a kind nurse named Angela, reassured me everything was going to be all right.  Her care and words were bringing healing to me already.  I am grateful to doctors and nurses for the courageous work they do.

I had my left lower arm in plaster and experienced some pain.  The doctor prescribed  pain killers which leave me drowsy.  Undeterred I will continue to write with one hand.  As the song goes “I get knocked down but I get up again”.

Three weeks on I attended the fracture clinic.  The doctor checked my x rays taken today and she said your bone is healing.  It looks perfect. She caught herself on and said “Perhaps I should not say that”.  But it was good for me to hear her say it because I believe that God is healing my wrist.  Sometimes people get healed quickly, other times slower. I have a lighter cast on for the next three weeks.

One morning my friend rang to sympathise with me on hearing of my broken wrist.  She was telling me about two young beautiful mothers she knew, who were abandoned by their husbands. They did not want the responsibility of being fathers.  I can understand how difficult it is to rear children with the two parents, how much more so with one parent.  I feel for these young women having to endure the rejection and abandonment and try to face the future on their own. Can these young mothers have hope?

It was when I was a young mother that I began to seek for meaning to life.  What had I got to offer my two young children for their future?  What example was I giving them?

My husband and I were young and rebellious.  We feared neither God nor man.  Those were the days of the Beatles, “All you need is love”, peace marches, riots, protests, internment, war on our doorsteps.  How could I find a pathway through all this?

Could I find a road to give to my children, to show them a way through the maze of life?

I was given a New Testament at that time.  I began to read it.  I was excited about what I read and thought, “Can this be true?”  I read that Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life”. John 14 v 6.  Is this man a head case to make these claims?  Could he show me the way to life.  I thought I would find out more about Jesus.

About that time I read in the bible that children are a gift from God. Psalm 127 v 3.  I decided to pray and ask God for the gift of a child.  God answered and I became pregnant with my third child Nora!

I began to walk along the path of life!

References are from New International Version bible.

One thought on “PRAYING FOR A CHILD

  1. Again A lovely piece of writing Angela. So sorry to hear of your wrist but knowing your faith will keep you going. Please give me a BRIEF update by email on developments with ‘the move’. Still happening? I will reply with any news of mine. Lots of love. Aine xxx

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