Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing

I am excited about the story of a man who was crippled from birth and was healed in Acts3 v 1.

Peter declares,

The name of Jesus has healed this man and you know how lame he was before.  Faith in Jesus name has caused this healing before your very eyes.  (New Living Bible)

The Oncology consultant at the hospital told me I had fourth stage cancer in my colon.  He showed me pictures that were taken during a colonoscopy.  My husband and I saw the pictures.  At the time I did not know how serious my condition was.  He decided to treat my condition with chemotherapy and radiotherapy to reduce the tumour and then operate to remove the tumour.  I would receive the maximum dose of radiotherapy one can have in their lifetime.

Seven months later that same consultant examined me again and could not find any tumour.  The lining of my colon was like a baby’s skin.  I saw that my colon was healed.  The doctors and nurses in that theatre saw the clear skin with their eyes.   The doctor said “You can’t get a better result.”

Another doctor, to whom I was referred for a second opinion, and who would have performed the operation, was adamant that the treatment would only have reduced the tumour.   He still wanted me to have an operation.

My daughter found out that I had a tumour the size of an orange.  Someone told me later that fourth stage cancer is terminal even with treatment and surgery.  There is no fifth stage.  I did not realise that at the time.  More glory to God.

I can say that Jesus healed me from cancer completely, like Peter said in Acts 4 v 6 and 12 (New Living Bible)

“Do you want to know how he was healed?  Let me clearly state to you that he was healed in the name and the power of Jesus Christ from Nazereth.  There is no salvation in anyone else.”





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