Grandmother’s Day

I was sent this message today.

Happy grandma day

I Nominate you for the Most loving and prettiest Grandma Award. You must send to 15 Grandmas and make their day. I’m also waiting!🕛 Sometimes u just need to hear it … You’re a beautiful Grandma, doing a great job and you’re so loved! Just hold your finger on it and it should say forward.👍👍💃💃💃🎉🎉🎉❤

I met some Indian people today from Tamil Nadu. The word in their language for grandma is Pretti. So my new name is Pretti Angela.

Three young Indian men came up to my husband and I on the beach and asked for a selfie with us, wet, sandy hair and all. We must be pretty!

2 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Day

    • Good morning Aine from the pool where I met some folk yesterday.

      Notice the sunrise on the left hand corner. Repair and restoration. The sun beds were not in good condition. In the evening two men repaired them to fit for purpose. Alleluia. Enjoyed some warmth on my body. Back home we had a peaceful Christmas and mild weather. All good. Thank you for your prayers. Angela

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