Safety and Peace in Northern Ireland.

We are living in peace and and safety in Northern Ireland.

My neighbor keeps bees.  I was surprised.  I thought they must keep very quiet.  I never see any bees around the flowers in the garden.  Yesterday evening I was enjoying the evening sun.  I noticed a humming sound coming from high in the tree nearby.  I listened and looked.  It sounded like bees buzzing.  I looked closer and sure enough there were bees feeding on the pollen from the tree.  I noticed the white chairs under that tree felt sticky.  The pollen had fallen on them.  It must be sugary, pleasant for the bees to gather for their hive.  I now call this my buzzing tree.  As I pass each day I hear the sound of the bees above.

God has blessed us here in Ireland these last weeks with sunny, clear skies.  All life is opening up in the safety, warmth and comfort.  Shorts, cotton shirts and sun hats are taken out of storage.  We are using a pedalo Aaron bought for his young family years ago.  I thought it would never be used again as he has moved abroad.  No more sound of grandchildren squealing with delight as their dad launched out into the water at Newcastle.  But God.  He brings restoration.  Abraham and I were happily peddling in the Lough below with expensive yachts towering over us.  Granny was squealing!  God has filled my heart with joy.

I believe everyone should have a house and garden.  Having a home to keep warm in the winter is necessary.  As the spring arrives one needs to get out doors after a cold and dark winter.  Summer arrives suddenly when the trees get clothed in dark gree leaves and weeds sprout out of the ground where there was only soil a short time before.
As the days get long and warm it is pleasant to have space to sit outdoors and enjoy the flowers, the birds singing and fresh air.  It is good for the soul.  He leads me in green pastures to restore my soul.

In King Solomon’s reign in Judah and Israel, the people
“Were very contented with plenty to eat and drink.  And there was peace throughout the entire land. They lived in peace and safety.  Each family had his own home and garden.” I Kings 4 v 24.
When I travelled in Mediteranean countries I admired the little white houses with the families sitting under the shade of the vine tree in the cool of the evening.  It is a picture of what I read in Scripture,
“And every man neath his vine and fig tree shall live in peace and be unafraid.”  Micah 4

This was so refreshing to see.  I longed for that image of peace.  Could that ever happen in Northern Ireland?  At the time there was war.  Getting out of the turmoil for a week was a blessed relief.

Praise God today in N Ireland we do have peace and people are sitting out in their gardens.  The word of The Lord has come to pass.
“And into plowshares turn their swords,  and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”  Micah 4 v 3

Hail the King, hail The Lord of all.  Of his government there shall be no end in Ireland!  Isaiah 9.  Safety and peace are restored to N Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Safety and Peace in Northern Ireland.

  1. Of His government there shall be no end in Ireland… Amen!!!!! Let it be so! His true government..not religious institutions but a people obedient to the Spirit of God…in knowledge of His truth. Let the light of His Son shine in the hearts of the Irish people….my consistent prayer…in the name of Jesus!! Thanks for sharing your summer with us Angela. I have wondered about that Coriander….& if it would grow in Ireland….we call it Cilantro. I love its flavor!! My favorite of all things “foreign”. Glad you’re getting around …by water too!!! See you soon, God willing. Áine xx

  2. Good morning Angela,

    It’s just after 7am here in Canada, in Nanaimo. It’s been hot here the past few days but this morning it’s cooled with a bit of rain. The birds are chirping away.

    I was tossing and turning last night and heard your email come through. I almost replied right away to catch you at the computer.

    I really enjoy your blogs, I feel part of your journey. I’ve noticed lately some of your stories and scriptures have been confirming things Holy Spirit has been speaking to me. It’s a great encouragement!

    I have moved again one month ago. I’m sharing a home with another Christian woman. Holy Spirit has led me here, but there always seems to be a time to battle things through.

    Her former roommate still stays a couple of nights each week. Although a nice person, she is deep into some unholy spiritual practices. I am asking Father God to remove her from the house.

    I would have liked to have been able to come to the Isaac’s wedding, to celebrate and visit with you.

    I enjoy hearing you sound happy and healthy.

    Please say hi to Brendan for me as well.

    Much love
    Kathleen 🇨🇦

    Sent from my iPhone

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