Trains, Planes, Car, Minibus, and Horses.



Within the last two days I have travelled thousands of miles, by car, plane, and minibus from Ireland to Slovakia.  I will be speaking about my healing from Cancer in Presho.  These are definitely the days that Daniel spoke about in Scripture when knowledge and travel will increase.  Daniel 12 v 4

I saw in one day the different kinds of transport man has used to travel.

When we set out from Budmerice to Presho we stopped to see a trailer drawn by two strong horses.  During the years of communism horses were popular.


We travelled in a minibus up country.  The journey took us along roads that are recently constructed on high pillars through towns and over rivers.  The mountains are no obstacle.  We travelled along three tunnels.

Train tracks follow the bends in the rivers to travel up the valleys between steep mountains on either side.  We saw two long goods train with several carriages and two passenger trains.


The experience of the four hundred miles on the fast motorways was a bit of a roller coaster.   Beautiful views of lakes, golden forests, high mountains and rivers distracted me from the fast traffic.


This journey would not have been so easy thirty years ago. Today I am resting from the journey looking out on a forest with a variety of autumn colours. Another roller coaster starts tonight as Brendan and I speak about the Holy Spirit.



One thought on “Trains, Planes, Car, Minibus, and Horses.

  1. Thanks Angela. Am transported to a beautiful place by your words. Praying for an outpouring of His Presence & Spirit there. Áine xx

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