Lingering at the End of our Holiday

At the end of a holiday is the time I love to linger and not want the day to end. Tomorrow it is back to reality, work and the challenges of life.
I met three of my four daughters at the weekend after their holiday in the sun. One of my daughters and her husband had booked to go on holiday but the company grew to five.  All of them work long hours and they badly needed a break.
There was not as much sun as they had hoped.  But they had plenty of sleep, wine, good food, and fun hanging out together.  They all seemed to me different after a week away; youthful looking, relaxed, joyful, peaceful.  They seemed aglow, transformed after their holiday.
I had been praying for them that God would make His Face, His Son, to shine on them after they called me to tell me there was no sun!  I know it is God’s will for our bodies to be refreshed.  Jesus took his disciples aside for meals and times to talk alone.  The Jews had festivals during their year when the people gathered together for times to relax and eat.  It is a need of the human condition.
This is exactly why I have always said ” A holiday is not a luxury but a necessity.”  Even though we are a big family we always made a point of going on holiday each summer.  It is time to chill, laugh, swim, make a barbecue etc.
So the time I remember lingering was on holiday the evening before we were due to travel home.  Back to work and cold weather.
The evening sun was going down behind the hill in the west.  The beach was empty.  The sun beds no longer held relaxed bodies.  Their work of healing was over for the day.  The bleached white sun umbrellas flapped in the gathering evening breeze.


Brendan and I had just finished our meal in the beach cafe.  It was of fresh fish.  The abundance of the sea shall be added unto thee.  We were finishing the wine and reminiscing.  Totally relaxed now compared to irritating moments we had together at the beginning of our holiday.
We wanted this moment to last.  We lingered till the sun went down behind the hill and the chilly air blew in from the sea.
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