Speaking about The Power of God. Developing your blogging voice.

Thanks to wordpress.com and the staff that are at hand to give advice, I have been given a Voice to write to the nations.
As I am just at the beginning of my development, age two years in the blog atmosphere, I can go at my own pace.  I am free to write when I am inspired, whether it is two blogs a day or have a gap of two or three weeks.
I have stories to tell about how God gave me his power to help me in my life;  how my husband and I raised fourteen children to third level education in this age when big families are frowned upon;  how God healed me from fourth stage cancer;  how God continues to bless me and my family as I look to him.
I am a Irish mother and housewife.  We raised our family during the years of Troubles in Northern Ireland and have survived.
I want my voice to tell about the wonders of our God who is real, who created the heavens and the earth, yet is interested in my life and shows me he cares.
I hope my stories will help others to find hope in life in this world and have hope of eternal life.

One thought on “Speaking about The Power of God. Developing your blogging voice.

  1. Well done Angela for your tenacity in reaching out. And on 2 years of blogging!!! I will always be reading them with keen interest to hear how our Dear heavenly Father is leading you & your’s & in your trots down memory lane, remembering how He has led you. Love Áine xo

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