Weekly Photo Challlenge: Joy


It is a new month, a New Year, and new beginnings.  I am getting rid of the empty boxes, bottles, wrappings, and cards.  The festivities are over.  It is time to recover

The Christmas preparations take their toll on ones strength.  One needs to be super strong to receive friends, family and give generously.
Did you know that joy gives one strength.  I was going through a difficult time and who does not have them, when I heard a voice say to me “The joy of The Lord is your strength.”
I built up my reserves of strength when I was in Canada in November.  I enjoyed seeing friends, making new ones and receiving love and kindness.  I enjoyed the beauty of Vancouver and the Rockies. We enjoyed the snow.
I particularly enjoy seeing the big trains at Whiterock as they trundle past and the whistle blows.  It is music to my ears.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challlenge: Joy

  1. Lovely photo of you in White Rock, Angela, only a minute or two down the road from where I work. Reminds me of the story my mum has told me of the train near Ballynahinch and how she and her sister and brother used to sing “Ballynahinch, Ballynahinch, Ballynahinch” to the sound of the train chugging along on the tracks.

    Hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We did and today we spent some of our day taking down the Christmas tree and beginning to clean up all the decorations. How quickly time flies.

    Rod and I are still praying about the idea of coming to Ireland during our Spring Break and tossing around a few ideas. We will be in contact soon.

    Lots of love to you,


    • Happy New Year. How wonderful to hear about your mum saying ,Ballynahinch, Ballynahinch, Ballynahinch!
      I am from Ballynahinch and I went to school there. You mum probably visited here while I was living over there 44 years ago. An added dimension to our connection! I have joy. You must hear the trains every day!

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